We waver from grief to eerie calm

to rage like raining ember’s fire

Is not one hurt our constant sorrow?

its burden unique to us one

Memories dance like winding trees

regrets our haunting apparition

And moans don’t tell the depth of our pain

sighs can’t convey the deep of despair

And as we bury our hands in ashes,

the heavens seem to close

Do we appear to be utterly alone

forsaken even by who we need most?

But our words do not resound on deaf ears

our voices not risen to meet laid bricks

our cries are not swallowed in dark holes

every syllable touches His heart

Allow His hand to soothe your wounds

let His song cradle your tired heart

Open your ears to the whispers of His love

Your tears aren’t wasted to fall before blind eyes

And all hope is not lost


My Own


A month of fatigue
Picked clean to bones
All the walls closing in
Paint crumbling in clumps
Pounding past my ears

I don’t want to talk anymore
Never say another word
Lay down every exhausting sentence
But never to sing
Breaks my insides
Dilutes my blood, turns my lungs to sand

I don’t want to think anymore
Deny my heart, my soul
Lock it all away

The kind of tired that can’t rest
My eyes lined and soaked in soot
Try to breathe but that doesn’t work either

All I do is labor
All I have is struggle
…and my lies
All made real in silence
All mine to bear, my own